The Ides of March Sale

Hello plebs,

The Ides of March are upon us. To honor this historical day Gods Eye Games will be offering a 23% discount on all softcover books and bundles for the remainder of the week. Why 23% you might ask? We decided to offer 1% for every time the great Julius Caesar was stabbed on the floor of the Senate. The discount could have been more but Brutus and his friends got a little squeamish toward the end of it. Now go buy some books on a discount and enjoy some quality war gaming!


A Gunslingers Paradise – The Factions

Let’s just admit it. We’ve all daydreamed about being the gunslinger who’s piercing stare could bring any villain to their knees. Or maybe you think of yourself as a western lawman who polishes his tin star every morning before patrolling the streets looking for injustice in some tumbleweed ridden town. Unfortunately for us those dreams aren’t going to become a reality unless someone invents a time machine, so instead I’ve come up with the next best option, “A Gunslingers Paradise”.

At the moment A Gunslingers Paradise will have 10 factions available in the book to play upon its release. Each of the 10 factions will have their own bonuses, special actions, custom scenarios and list building options. Within each faction players will also have the ability to customize and tailor their lists to their personal liking. To do this each faction has its characters broken down into Tiers. Tier 1 characters are your “Leaders”, Tier 2 characters are “Your Right Hand Men” (or Women), and Tier 3 is mostly populated with your typical henchmen and fodder. Each tier will have multiple types of characters to choose from and customize with different skills and weaponry. This approach allows the player to bring a different list to the table every time they play while still using their favorite faction.

As we get closer to releasing the rules I wanted to give players a head start on building and painting up their miniatures so I’ve decided to put the list of what factions will be in the book as well as what factions and sub factions we will be releasing down the road as freebies or paid content in PDF form.

The free sub factions will build off of an existing list that is already in the rule book. They will use the same scenarios and mostly follow the same format as their parent list when it comes to characters and equipment. An example of this would be the “Buffalo Soldiers” being a sub faction of the “US Cavalry” list. The Buffalo Soldiers will have their own unique special bonuses and orders but will still have the same scenarios and mostly the same equipment as the US Cavalry.

For future paid content I will be releasing factions that follow the same format as the factions in the book. Each will have its own unique rules, actions, scenarios and list building options. These will come in PDF form and players will get 2 lists per content pack. The first content pack that will come out after the book releases will be the Texas Rangers & The Comanche.

I know what you’re thinking, “Joe, will you please put a lid on it already and just give us the list of factions”. Fine, here it is and I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Factions in the Rulebook
US Marshals
US Cavalry
Mexican Federales / Rurales
Professional Outlaws
Hired Guns (Gunslingers & Bounty Hunters)

Paid Content Packs
Texas Rangers & The Comanche
Pinkertons & Men of Industry (Rail & Mining Tycoons)

Free Downloadable Factions
Buffalo Soldiers
Settlers / Pioneers
Ex Confederates
Mexican Banditos
More to be announced at a later date…

Introducing… “A Gunslinger’s Paradise”

Howdy, partners. I’d like to introduce to you our newest project here at Gods Eye Games, “A Gunslinger’s Paradise”. A Gunslinger’s Paradise will take players to a version of the Wild West that blends history and cinema together to create an immersive, detailed gaming experience filled with fun and excitement.

When I started writing A Gunslinger’s Paradise my goal was to create a rule set that allowed players enjoy the excitement that we all remember from our favorite western movies but at the same time keep things rooted in the history of the West. To do this I took each of the ten factions that will be in the book and created a wide array of characters, skills, weapons and equipment so players can tailor their lists for a historical or cinematic feel. Whether you want to recreate Custer’s Last Stand or sling lead like Josie Wales, A Gunslingers Paradise has you covered.

Another area I wanted to really focus on was scenarios. Each of the ten factions in the book will have three scenarios that are tailored to how they would have acted in the days of the Wild West. Some examples of these would be the “Prisoner Transport” scenario for the US Marshals, the “Border Dispute” scenario for the Ranchers and the “War Party” scenario for the Apache.

Going forward I will be releasing more information on the rules, factions, campaign play and a plethora of other details for you to look at. If you’d like to stay up to date with “A Gunslinger’s Paradise” discussions and info then join us on Facebook at:

So get your gun belt on and rifles loaded, because out on the horizon rides a man with a pale horse and in his hands are the rules for “A Gunslinger’s Paradise”.

Contact Front Release Date Announcement

Contact Front will be available for purchase on November 18th, 2019

Contact Front will be available for purchase on November 18th, 2019 at The softcover book will be priced at $30 USD and international shipping will be available for all of our customers around the world. We are also offering a Digital PDF copy of the Contact Front rules for $20 USD. Lastly, on November 18th we will be releasing the first of our free content, an Australian Army list in PDF format.

As we get closer to the release date keep an eye out for more information on Contact Front by visiting us at our website,

Contact Front Overview: Army Lists

As we get closer to the release of Contact Front, many will want to start getting their armies ready to play. To aid players, we thought we would put out an article about the army lists and how they work in Contact Front. So here it is…

The army lists in Contact Front work in a fairly simplistic way. The list includes the core force which tells players the units and unit composition. These lists are designed to represent an under strength platoon from the chosen force of a particular period within a specific conflict or theater of operations. Within the core rule book players will have a British infantry platoon from the invasion and early insurgency period of the war in Afghanistan. Likewise players will also get a US infantry platoon from the same period. To face these coalition forces, players will have a list for a garrison force of Taliban from the invasion period and a ‘hit and run’ force of Taliban from the early insurgency period.

To support the core force, players get a support list which they can use points to purchase additional units. These support options give the force the opportunity to achieve different objectives depending on the units taken. This will give players the challenge of choosing between support that will enable them to achieve their objectives and support that may help the force face whatever the opponent may throw at them.

Army lists will be included in all of the supplements and contact reports. There will also be free PDF army lists release from time to time to give the community some additional options to play with. As we said in the last article, if anyone in the community has ideas for lists please get in touch as we are keen to work with the community to make this game as enjoyable for all as possible.


Contact Front Overview: Future Supplements & Content

Back in September we took a demo game of Contact Front to the wargames show, Colours in Newbury. It was great to have so many people asking questions and getting excited about the game. As with most new games, people often wonder how the game will be supported in terms of future releases. To put people’s minds at rest we thought we would release a short article with some hints about what is in the pipeline.

Since finishing the work on the core rule book, we have been hard at work developing the first in a series of supplements we have planned. The first will focus on special forces and some of their specific roles within modern combat. With all of the supplements, they will build off of the mechanics found in the core rulebook. Within the supplements you can expect to see new army lists and objectives, new mission types and special rules to add the flavour of the conflict.

We are also planning to develop smaller, PDF only, supplements which we are calling ‘Contact Reports’ which will focus on smaller conflicts such as Operation Gothic Serpent, made famous by the film ‘Black Hawk Down’. This will contain a short history of the conflict, a few army lists and objectives and some specific scenarios focused around the actions of the conflict. 

In addition to the Contact Reports we will also be releasing free lists and content to the community in PDF form as a way to say thank you for supporting our game. The first freebie will be an Australian list that will be available for download the day Contact Front officially releases.

We have also been very grateful for members of the community coming forward to discussing other ideas for future supplements and contact reports. It is wonderful that members of the community can use their knowledge and research to help us provide future support for this game and to wet your appetite one such area brought to our attention is that of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. If you have a particular interest in a period that you think Contact Front could work for please feel free to get in touch.


Contact Front Overview: Objectives

People often ask what makes Contact Front different to other modern warfare rulesets. In short, there are a few elements which are different but to focus on just one for this article, its the way in which the game deals with objectives.

With many other games the objective(s) of both players is openly known. From experience this tends to lead to players trying to stop their opponent achieving their objective(s) rather than focusing on achieving their own. With Contact Front your objectives are kept hidden from your opponent. These objectives are recorded on your SitRep sheet. The idea behind this mechanic was that often in combat the commander and troops on the ground may have some idea of what the enemy are planning to do but won’t know for certain.

The mechanic aims to keep players focused on their own objectives but it also adds a level of suspense and uncertainty to the game. If the opponent’s aims are vague them there may be a few surprises along the way.

The mechanic also works on a points value system. Some objectives are worth more Victory Points (VPs) than others. Before the game starts, both players agree on how many total Victory Points each side should have with regards to the objectives. Often games are played with a total of 15VPs on offer. Again, your opponent may have chosen to go with three easier objectives worth 5VPs each or they may have chosen to pick one much tougher objective worth 15VPs. This continues to add to the atmosphere of uncertainty and suspense.

Contact Front offers a ‘quick to learn, hard to master’ approach but it also gives players an enjoyable, narrative driven tactical game which aims to give a realistic glimpse into modern warfare.


Contact Front Is Off To The Printer!

For those of you who haven’t been following along “Contact Front” is our new modern warfare rule set written by Carl Titterington. Over the past few months we have been working hard putting the book together and now we are finally ready to send it off to print. The book is 96 pages of rules, lists and scenarios for players who want to wargame in the modern era. This rulebook focuses on the fighting in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2006 but it will also be serving as the foundation for additional supplements and PDFs in the future that cover different conflicts around the globe.

The front cover of “Contact Front”

Over the next two weeks we will be releasing more info on how the rules work, future plans on how we will support Contact Front, and the date the book will be available for purchase. For those of you who want to keep an eye on our progress you can follow along on our Facebook groups listed below. As always, thanks for your support in our journey to bring quality rule sets to the wargaming community!