Contact Front Overview: Objectives

People often ask what makes Contact Front different to other modern warfare rulesets. In short, there are a few elements which are different but to focus on just one for this article, its the way in which the game deals with objectives.

With many other games the objective(s) of both players is openly known. From experience this tends to lead to players trying to stop their opponent achieving their objective(s) rather than focusing on achieving their own. With Contact Front your objectives are kept hidden from your opponent. These objectives are recorded on your SitRep sheet. The idea behind this mechanic was that often in combat the commander and troops on the ground may have some idea of what the enemy are planning to do but won’t know for certain.

The mechanic aims to keep players focused on their own objectives but it also adds a level of suspense and uncertainty to the game. If the opponent’s aims are vague them there may be a few surprises along the way.

The mechanic also works on a points value system. Some objectives are worth more Victory Points (VPs) than others. Before the game starts, both players agree on how many total Victory Points each side should have with regards to the objectives. Often games are played with a total of 15VPs on offer. Again, your opponent may have chosen to go with three easier objectives worth 5VPs each or they may have chosen to pick one much tougher objective worth 15VPs. This continues to add to the atmosphere of uncertainty and suspense.

Contact Front offers a ‘quick to learn, hard to master’ approach but it also gives players an enjoyable, narrative driven tactical game which aims to give a realistic glimpse into modern warfare.


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