Contact Front: Special Forces Arrives On Dec. 14th, 2020!

After the long wait for the Contact Front: Special Forces supplement, we are excited to announce it will be released on 14th of December, 2020 for $12.99 in PDF format.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience. It has been a tough year with regards to COVID-19 and the very early arrival of Carl’s daughter. This has made it a challenge but we have succeeded in finishing the supplement and it is now ready for purchase. 

Some of the exciting aspects of the supplement that you can look forward to are new special rules for special forces such as stealth, rules for various weather conditions, new weapons, several new army lists and host of new mission types to allow you to create nail biting games…

To celebrate the release of the supplement, Carl and Martin will be live streaming a game of Contact Front: Special Forces on the 14th of December. We hope to live stream this via the Contact Front Facebook group and Carl’s Youtube channel. Keep an eye out on the Contact Front Facebook group for more details.

It has been great to have new members join us recently so don’t forget, there is a buzzing community on Facebook. To join in just search for ‘The Official Contact Front Wargame Rules Group’ or use the link above. Finally, we would like to thank everyone for their continued support of Gods Eye Games and Contact Front! Merry Christmas to all!

Contact Front: Special Forces

It has been nearly a year since Gods Eye Games released Contact Front and in that time we have been hard at work creating a new supplement for the game system. That supplement is… Contact Front: Special Forces.

As i’m sure you are all excited to find out a little more about the new addition to the game, we thought we would give you a small bit of information to get you started. Contact Front: Special Forces will feature four new army lists, nine new mission types, lots of new special rules to add flavor to your forces as well as special forces combat techniques. On top of this we will have the usual lovely pictures to inspire you when creating your forces.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we post more teasers and tips as to how you can start preparing for this new supplement. We will also be announcing the release date of when you can get your hands on the book.

Don’t forget, there is a buzzing community on Facebook that will keep you up to date on everything Contact Front! To join in just use the link below:


“A Gunslinger’s Paradise” by Gods Eye Games releases on August 1st…

A Gunslinger’s Paradise will be available for purchase on August 1st.

Coming over the horizon is a rider on a pale white horse and in his hands is a rule book that could forever change the way we play wargames in the wild west. Wait a second… It’s just that no good, city slicker Joe Veltre with a copy of “A Gunslinger’s Paradise” under his arm. Yeah, I don’t like the man much either but we’ve read this far into the article already, so we might as well hear what he has to say…

Howdy, folks. It’s your old pal Joe from Gods Eye Games here to let you know that this Saturday (August 1st) “A Gunslinger’s Paradise” will be released and available for purchase through Gods Eye Games & Wargame Vault. Since I started working on this project my goal has been to give players the options and flexibility to play out their favorite cinematic moments from western films or recreate many of the historical events that took place in the wild west. Below is a list of some of the things you will find within the 164 full color pages of A Gunslinger’s Paradise.

– 10 Faction Lists with unique special rules and fully customizable character classes

– 28 Scenarios that have been tailored to fit with the factions you are playing as

– 50+ Weapons and pieces of Equipment

– 60+ Character Skills and Abilities

– 25+ Weapon Abilities

– 15 Pages of Campaign Rules

After A Gunslinger’s Paradise is released to the community I plan on having new content, lists and scenarios come out every few months to help support those of you who have spent your money to support me. And if you are wondering most of the content is going to be free and driven by what the war gaming community wants. First up on the docket will be a Mexican Bandito list that should be ready by early September followed by some Comanche & Texas Rangers content. Once that content comes out I’ll be basing future releases on the feedback I’m given from all of you.

For those of you who will be joining us on our journey out west I’d like to say thank you in advance. This will be the 4th title we’ve released in our two years of existence. I’ve always found the most enjoyable part of the process was putting the rules in the communities hands and seeing what you do with them. As always thanks for your support and hopefully our paths will cross again out on the open range.

The Comanche Are Coming!

Recently I got in touch with Andy Singleton of Volley Fire Painting to do a commission for some Comanche miniatures I recently purchased. After getting a few photos sent to me via email I must say, I’m SUPER happy with the final results. Expect to see a few shots of these guys in the Gunslinger’s Paradise rule book!

If you’re looking to get some commission painting done I highly recommend Andy’s work. This is what he considers his “Tabletop Level” and the pricing is very good for the quality you receive. I’ve added a link to his page below, so send him a quick message and get those unpainted minis all painted up for A Gunslinger’s Paradise.

A Gunslinger’s Paradise Update 5/4/20

It’s been a little while since I’ve given an update on A Gunslinger’s Paradise so lets get to it!

Currently I’ve been trying to juggle the responsibilities of real life (2 young kids at home in a pandemic quarantine) with getting this book done and to my surprise it’s actually been going pretty well. The writing & fine tuning is almost done and I’m about halfway through with getting the book ready for print. Based on what’s left on my plate I think the original goal of a late July / early August release is still very doable barring any major setbacks.

Another topic I wanted to touch on was the idea of setting up a pre-order for A Gunslinger’s Paradise to help me gauge what size print run I need to do. I’m most likely going to open this up in June and as a thank you for ordering from Gods Eye Games directly I’ll be throwing in a free digital card deck along with your purchase of the rules. As always I will be releasing the Digital PDF version of the rules the day A Gunslinger’s Paradise “officially” releases, so if that’s your preferred way to game have no worries, I got you covered.

I’m really looking forward to getting these rules out to the wargaming community. This has been a very fun project to work on and I’m excited to see what all of you will be doing once you get the book in your hands. Once again, thanks for supporting Gods Eye Games. You guys and gals make all the effort that goes into putting the rules together worth it.


PATMOCON 2020 (We’ll Be There!)

As most of you have noticed, shows for our hobby have gone the way of the dodo for the foreseeable future. To help fill the void Dan at Paint All The Minis has stepped up and put together an online venue where the community can gather and participate in an online convention. Tickets are cheap, vendors are a plenty and there are deals to be had! Listed below is all of the info you’ll need to get started so have a look, buy a ticket and join us for some digital wargaming goodness while we’re all locked indoors.


Tickets are officially on sale for the Paint All The Minis Online Convention  2020!!!! 

Tickets cost 7.50GBP for a 72 hour Pass

  • A 3 day online convention (48 ‘live’ hours with new content) featuring:
  • A downloadable Swag Bag,
  • A Vendor Hall with Convention Special Offers, 
  • Numerous Virtual Booths allowing you to interact with content from some of the industry’s biggest companies
  • Live chat & Q&A with some of the industry’s most interesting people 
  • Painting challenge!
  • 10% of all proceeds going to the Models for Heroes Charity

Watch the promo video here:

Reserve your spot here:

The event will be held online on Discord (You will need to download this and create a free account in preparation for this), the live video chats will be held in Zoom (You will need to download this and create a free account in preparation for this) or you can just watch at any time convenient for you without zoom as they will be saved for your viewing pleasure.

Gods Eye Games will be there to support PATMOCON by hosting a vendor booth will special deals all weekend long and we’ll also be doing a chat with Dan. Stop by the booth to say hi and talk some shop, I’ll be around 🙂


Cigar Box Battle Mats in the House

Hey everyone, I just wanted to help spread the word about about some fantastic new wargaming mats I just ordered. A few weeks ago I did a little shopping around in search of some mats to use for the production photos in the Gunslinger’s Paradise rulebook and came across Cigar Box Battle Mats. My mat collection at the house is mostly made up of that mouse pad material and as much as I like them I wanted to switch over to something where I could put the hills underneath for a more realistic look. After reading a few reviews I decided to go ahead pull the trigger by ordering Cigar Box’s Rattlesnake Ranch and New Grasslands mats.

Fast forward about 2 weeks and I finally had time to open the package and take a look at my purchase and I must say these are amazing. The quality of the fabric is really nice, there isn’t much creasing when you lay the mats down over hills and the art design looks very natural.

I’m very happy that Cory over at Cigar Box gave us the green light to use these in our books and on future projects this is will be my go to option when I need to get a proper piece of ground cover to match the theme of the books we produce.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting out some play testing photos of A Gunslinger’s Paradise to show off the new terrain and buildings we’ve been working on. For those of you looking to get a jump start on building your western towns and open ranges I’d highly suggest taking a look at Cigar Box Battle Mats. I’ve added the links to what I’ve purchased below but they have a ton of other options available to fit whatever theme you’re looking for.×6-plus-410

A Gunslinger’s Paradise Campaign & Solo Play Info

Another western film gem brought to you by Gods Eye Games & Veltrevision Cinema.

A few of you have been asking about how A Gunslinger’s Paradise will handle campaign and solo play so I figured now is as good a time as any to cover both of those topics.

As a lot of you know one of the main elements I try to put into each of our rule sets is a solid campaign system and A Gunslinger’s Paradise will be no different. This time around the focus of the campaign will be about factions jockeying for control of the small but quickly growing town of Dusty Creek, Colorado. Players will build their custom lists and use the loot they gain in scenarios to purchase saloons, shops, ranches and many other things that can help them gain influence over the territory. To maintain their foothold in Dusty Creek players will also have to manage their characters by placing them in positions to defend their factions holdings. You’re not going to have that saloon under your control very long if you don’t have a guy like Buckshot Bill watching who’s coming in the front door.

Another element coming back to the campaign system will be character progression. If your gunman manages to survive the firefight you will be awarded some cash to spend on him and one of the best ways to improve your character is to buy them better skills and equipment as the campaign progresses. Be wise about how you spend your loot though, because if you use it on improving guys like that lazy ranch hand you just hired you’ll probably end up broke and losing yourself in a bottle of whiskey by noon.

After release I’ll also keep supporting the campaign system by releasing some new scenarios and rules specifically tailored for playing games in Dusty Creek, CO. If the player base seems interested enough there might also be some short stories and narrative mini campaigns to help add some fluff and depth to the blossoming territory.

It’s time to talk about what I have planned for solo players. Right now, the rules as is work very well for solo play with the one exception being the Initiative System. But don’t worry, I have two play testers who are exclusively working on the solo player experience so that when the book releases everyone will be able to have an enjoyable game regardless of how many bodies are sitting around the table. The goal going forward is to come up with a free downloadable PDF document that has suggested rules and alterations made specifically for solo play the day A Gunslinger’s Paradise hits the shelves.

I hope this answered the communities questions for what’s planned concerning campaign & solo play. If you’d like to keep up with everything happening with A Gunslinger’s Paradise keep checking in here at Gods Eye Games or join our Facebook groups with the links below.