PATMOCON 2020 (We’ll Be There!)

As most of you have noticed, shows for our hobby have gone the way of the dodo for the foreseeable future. To help fill the void Dan at Paint All The Minis has stepped up and put together an online venue where the community can gather and participate in an online convention. Tickets are cheap, vendors are a plenty and there are deals to be had! Listed below is all of the info you’ll need to get started so have a look, buy a ticket and join us for some digital wargaming goodness while we’re all locked indoors.


Tickets are officially on sale for the Paint All The Minis Online Convention  2020!!!! 

Tickets cost 7.50GBP for a 72 hour Pass

  • A 3 day online convention (48 ‘live’ hours with new content) featuring:
  • A downloadable Swag Bag,
  • A Vendor Hall with Convention Special Offers, 
  • Numerous Virtual Booths allowing you to interact with content from some of the industry’s biggest companies
  • Live chat & Q&A with some of the industry’s most interesting people 
  • Painting challenge!
  • 10% of all proceeds going to the Models for Heroes Charity

Watch the promo video here:

Reserve your spot here:

The event will be held online on Discord (You will need to download this and create a free account in preparation for this), the live video chats will be held in Zoom (You will need to download this and create a free account in preparation for this) or you can just watch at any time convenient for you without zoom as they will be saved for your viewing pleasure.

Gods Eye Games will be there to support PATMOCON by hosting a vendor booth will special deals all weekend long and we’ll also be doing a chat with Dan. Stop by the booth to say hi and talk some shop, I’ll be around 🙂


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