A Gunslinger’s Paradise Overview

A Gunslinger’s Paradise is a wargaming rule set that aims to give its players the flexibility to recreate cinematic and historical scenarios based in the wild west.

Our design goal was to provide a wide range of rules, factions, equipment and scenarios so the player could tailor their gaming experience exactly to the degree they wanted to play. Whether it was a one night gun fight at the local gaming club or an on going campaign, A Gunslinger’s Paradise was designed to be an easy rule set to pick up and learn but still have plenty of depth, customization and strategy to keep it’s players coming back for more.

A Gunslinger’s Paradise could be a rule set you occasionally take out to scratch that wild west gaming itch but where it really shines is in it’s campaign system. We’ve created the campaign system for those of you who want to build your western boom-town from the ground up and watch the factions and characters within develop along an ever flowing narrative that is driven by each players actions and choices. There are rules for character & faction development, purchasing of locations to help tighten your grip on the territory, local elections, corrupt politics, bounties, robberies and plenty more.

Whether you’re looking for one night of wild west gaming or a narrative campaign, A Gunslinger’s Paradise has you covered. Go pick up a copy of the rules, load that six shooter and start to make a name for yourself out west.