A Gunslinger’s Paradise Campaign & Solo Play Info

Another western film gem brought to you by Gods Eye Games & Veltrevision Cinema.

A few of you have been asking about how A Gunslinger’s Paradise will handle campaign and solo play so I figured now is as good a time as any to cover both of those topics.

As a lot of you know one of the main elements I try to put into each of our rule sets is a solid campaign system and A Gunslinger’s Paradise will be no different. This time around the focus of the campaign will be about factions jockeying for control of the small but quickly growing town of Dusty Creek, Colorado. Players will build their custom lists and use the loot they gain in scenarios to purchase saloons, shops, ranches and many other things that can help them gain influence over the territory. To maintain their foothold in Dusty Creek players will also have to manage their characters by placing them in positions to defend their factions holdings. You’re not going to have that saloon under your control very long if you don’t have a guy like Buckshot Bill watching who’s coming in the front door.

Another element coming back to the campaign system will be character progression. If your gunman manages to survive the firefight you will be awarded some cash to spend on him and one of the best ways to improve your character is to buy them better skills and equipment as the campaign progresses. Be wise about how you spend your loot though, because if you use it on improving guys like that lazy ranch hand you just hired you’ll probably end up broke and losing yourself in a bottle of whiskey by noon.

After release I’ll also keep supporting the campaign system by releasing some new scenarios and rules specifically tailored for playing games in Dusty Creek, CO. If the player base seems interested enough there might also be some short stories and narrative mini campaigns to help add some fluff and depth to the blossoming territory.

It’s time to talk about what I have planned for solo players. Right now, the rules as is work very well for solo play with the one exception being the Initiative System. But don’t worry, I have two play testers who are exclusively working on the solo player experience so that when the book releases everyone will be able to have an enjoyable game regardless of how many bodies are sitting around the table. The goal going forward is to come up with a free downloadable PDF document that has suggested rules and alterations made specifically for solo play the day A Gunslinger’s Paradise hits the shelves.

I hope this answered the communities questions for what’s planned concerning campaign & solo play. If you’d like to keep up with everything happening with A Gunslinger’s Paradise keep checking in here at Gods Eye Games or join our Facebook groups with the links below.



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