“A Gunslinger’s Paradise” by Gods Eye Games releases on August 1st…

A Gunslinger’s Paradise will be available for purchase on August 1st.

Coming over the horizon is a rider on a pale white horse and in his hands is a rule book that could forever change the way we play wargames in the wild west. Wait a second… It’s just that no good, city slicker Joe Veltre with a copy of “A Gunslinger’s Paradise” under his arm. Yeah, I don’t like the man much either but we’ve read this far into the article already, so we might as well hear what he has to say…

Howdy, folks. It’s your old pal Joe from Gods Eye Games here to let you know that this Saturday (August 1st) “A Gunslinger’s Paradise” will be released and available for purchase through Gods Eye Games & Wargame Vault. Since I started working on this project my goal has been to give players the options and flexibility to play out their favorite cinematic moments from western films or recreate many of the historical events that took place in the wild west. Below is a list of some of the things you will find within the 164 full color pages of A Gunslinger’s Paradise.

– 10 Faction Lists with unique special rules and fully customizable character classes

– 28 Scenarios that have been tailored to fit with the factions you are playing as

– 50+ Weapons and pieces of Equipment

– 60+ Character Skills and Abilities

– 25+ Weapon Abilities

– 15 Pages of Campaign Rules

After A Gunslinger’s Paradise is released to the community I plan on having new content, lists and scenarios come out every few months to help support those of you who have spent your money to support me. And if you are wondering most of the content is going to be free and driven by what the war gaming community wants. First up on the docket will be a Mexican Bandito list that should be ready by early September followed by some Comanche & Texas Rangers content. Once that content comes out I’ll be basing future releases on the feedback I’m given from all of you.

For those of you who will be joining us on our journey out west I’d like to say thank you in advance. This will be the 4th title we’ve released in our two years of existence. I’ve always found the most enjoyable part of the process was putting the rules in the communities hands and seeing what you do with them. As always thanks for your support and hopefully our paths will cross again out on the open range.

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    1. None that we produce but I highly recommend Knuckleduster & Wargames Foundry if you’re going to be in the market for 28mm wild west miniatures.

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