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Back in September we took a demo game of Contact Front to the wargames show, Colours in Newbury. It was great to have so many people asking questions and getting excited about the game. As with most new games, people often wonder how the game will be supported in terms of future releases. To put people’s minds at rest we thought we would release a short article with some hints about what is in the pipeline.

Since finishing the work on the core rule book, we have been hard at work developing the first in a series of supplements we have planned. The first will focus on special forces and some of their specific roles within modern combat. With all of the supplements, they will build off of the mechanics found in the core rulebook. Within the supplements you can expect to see new army lists and objectives, new mission types and special rules to add the flavour of the conflict.

We are also planning to develop smaller, PDF only, supplements which we are calling ‘Contact Reports’ which will focus on smaller conflicts such as Operation Gothic Serpent, made famous by the film ‘Black Hawk Down’. This will contain a short history of the conflict, a few army lists and objectives and some specific scenarios focused around the actions of the conflict. 

In addition to the Contact Reports we will also be releasing free lists and content to the community in PDF form as a way to say thank you for supporting our game. The first freebie will be an Australian list that will be available for download the day Contact Front officially releases.

We have also been very grateful for members of the community coming forward to discussing other ideas for future supplements and contact reports. It is wonderful that members of the community can use their knowledge and research to help us provide future support for this game and to wet your appetite one such area brought to our attention is that of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. If you have a particular interest in a period that you think Contact Front could work for please feel free to get in touch.


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  1. Soviets in Afghanistan will be good, also Second Gulf War. I had also mentioned whether the rules can go back as far as the like of the Rhodesian Bush War.

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