Contact Front Overview: Army Lists

As we get closer to the release of Contact Front, many will want to start getting their armies ready to play. To aid players, we thought we would put out an article about the army lists and how they work in Contact Front. So here it is…

The army lists in Contact Front work in a fairly simplistic way. The list includes the core force which tells players the units and unit composition. These lists are designed to represent an under strength platoon from the chosen force of a particular period within a specific conflict or theater of operations. Within the core rule book players will have a British infantry platoon from the invasion and early insurgency period of the war in Afghanistan. Likewise players will also get a US infantry platoon from the same period. To face these coalition forces, players will have a list for a garrison force of Taliban from the invasion period and a ‘hit and run’ force of Taliban from the early insurgency period.

To support the core force, players get a support list which they can use points to purchase additional units. These support options give the force the opportunity to achieve different objectives depending on the units taken. This will give players the challenge of choosing between support that will enable them to achieve their objectives and support that may help the force face whatever the opponent may throw at them.

Army lists will be included in all of the supplements and contact reports. There will also be free PDF army lists release from time to time to give the community some additional options to play with. As we said in the last article, if anyone in the community has ideas for lists please get in touch as we are keen to work with the community to make this game as enjoyable for all as possible.


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  1. Ideas for army lists……British Army in Sierra Leone and rebel forces/gangs (-maybe a generic base platoon with regional add ons?) Portuguese paratroopers or SANDF (UN mission) in Central Africa, French Foreign Legion and German Bundeswehr in Mali ?

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