A Gunslingers Paradise – The Factions

Let’s just admit it. We’ve all daydreamed about being the gunslinger who’s piercing stare could bring any villain to their knees. Or maybe you think of yourself as a western lawman who polishes his tin star every morning before patrolling the streets looking for injustice in some tumbleweed ridden town. Unfortunately for us those dreams aren’t going to become a reality unless someone invents a time machine, so instead I’ve come up with the next best option, “A Gunslingers Paradise”.

At the moment A Gunslingers Paradise will have 10 factions available in the book to play upon its release. Each of the 10 factions will have their own bonuses, special actions, custom scenarios and list building options. Within each faction players will also have the ability to customize and tailor their lists to their personal liking. To do this each faction has its characters broken down into Tiers. Tier 1 characters are your “Leaders”, Tier 2 characters are “Your Right Hand Men” (or Women), and Tier 3 is mostly populated with your typical henchmen and fodder. Each tier will have multiple types of characters to choose from and customize with different skills and weaponry. This approach allows the player to bring a different list to the table every time they play while still using their favorite faction.

As we get closer to releasing the rules I wanted to give players a head start on building and painting up their miniatures so I’ve decided to put the list of what factions will be in the book as well as what factions and sub factions we will be releasing down the road as freebies or paid content in PDF form.

The free sub factions will build off of an existing list that is already in the rule book. They will use the same scenarios and mostly follow the same format as their parent list when it comes to characters and equipment. An example of this would be the “Buffalo Soldiers” being a sub faction of the “US Cavalry” list. The Buffalo Soldiers will have their own unique special bonuses and orders but will still have the same scenarios and mostly the same equipment as the US Cavalry.

For future paid content I will be releasing factions that follow the same format as the factions in the book. Each will have its own unique rules, actions, scenarios and list building options. These will come in PDF form and players will get 2 lists per content pack. The first content pack that will come out after the book releases will be the Texas Rangers & The Comanche.

I know what you’re thinking, “Joe, will you please put a lid on it already and just give us the list of factions”. Fine, here it is and I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Factions in the Rulebook
US Marshals
US Cavalry
Mexican Federales / Rurales
Professional Outlaws
Hired Guns (Gunslingers & Bounty Hunters)

Paid Content Packs
Texas Rangers & The Comanche
Pinkertons & Men of Industry (Rail & Mining Tycoons)

Free Downloadable Factions
Buffalo Soldiers
Settlers / Pioneers
Ex Confederates
Mexican Banditos
More to be announced at a later date…

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