The Ides of March Sale

Hello plebs,

The Ides of March are upon us. To honor this historical day Gods Eye Games will be offering a 23% discount on all softcover books and bundles for the remainder of the week. Why 23% you might ask? We decided to offer 1% for every time the great Julius Caesar was stabbed on the floor of the Senate. The discount could have been more but Brutus and his friends got a little squeamish toward the end of it. Now go buy some books on a discount and enjoy some quality war gaming!


Steel & Steed Released!

Lords and Ladies!  After a long journey we have finally reached the place of competition.  Let the Tournament begin!

You now have the chance to test your mettle, stare down your challengers, and ride to fame and fortune!


Gods Eye Games is happy to present our newest offering.  Written by our own Joe Veltre.  We bring you Steel & Steed.

Within this book you will find the rules to help you create a knightly tournament worthy of a noble such as yourself. It is here that you will be given the tools to create one day competitions, large events testing the skill and merit of the bravest of knights or even run an ongoing campaign that will allow you to grow your house and become the envy of all the kingdoms across the land.  Sharpen your blade and ready your steed, honor and glory are yours for the taking!

Months in the making, laboriously produced, and brought in from distant lands Steel & Steed is now officially available to purchase in our webstore and from our European partner.

Head over to the store page to find a print version, a digital PDF version, and a card deck accessory along with a bundle deal where you can pick them all up together.  The webstore is the only place you will currently find a digital download of our latest release.

This is an exciting moment for us at Gods Eye Games as this is the second title in our library of games we intend to bring to you in the months and years to come.  We are very pleased with the final product and when you look at it with Sons of Mars you’ll be sure to notice the additional efforts we put into this title.

In celebration of our launch we are offering everyone a chance to pick up both Steel & Steed and Sons of Mars on discount.  Purchase one book or bundle and receive $10 off a second book or bundle.  Its a great chance to pick up Sons of Mars along with Steel and Steed.  Use the coupon code JOUST at checkout.

Try not to be this guy.  Don’t delay, we are only going to run the sale for a limited time.

We are also opening up international shipping at this time.  So if you want to support us directly we are happy to ship worldwide. Not withstanding please go check out the fine selection of figures at Northstar that can be used to create your tournaments and campaigns.  Don’t hesitate to order from the good folks at Northstar their international shipping prices will be hard for us to beat.

It’s a jubilant time here thanks to our outstanding community of enthusiasts and fans.  If you like campaigns, events, and tournaments there is something for you in Steel & Steed or Sons of Mars.  We encourage you to join with our friends on our company Facebook page and the game pages linked there.  We are on a crusade to create wonderful games and we would love to have you with us.  Thank you for your support of our enterprise.

Gods Eye Games to publish Contact Front

Gods Eye Games is excited to announce that we are entering into a new genre of wargaming with an agreement to publish Contact Front, a modern warfare ruleset.

Contact Front, a creation from the mind of Carl Titterington, is a platoon level modern game which puts the player in the position of platoon commander. 

This tactical game allows players to set objectives that are related to the amount of support they have access to.  Once the game starts players will be challenged with striking a balance between completing objectives and getting your troops home safely.  The asymmetric nature of modern warfare requires that players consider victory in different terms than traditional contemporary World War conflicts.

Fancy something different, then there is always the role of commanding a force of insurgents. Outmanned and outgunned, players must use different and often unorthodox tactics to achieve victory when the terrain might be the only element in your favour.

A game designed to make players think about the tactical elements of modern warfare as well as the personal side of war, Contact Front offers players an enjoyable, narrative driven game!

The author of Contact Front, Carl Titterington, now joins our illustrious, Joe Veltre, in bringing new, interesting, and varying titles to our growing collection of games that strive to be detailed enough for enthusiasts, flexible for your needs, all the while creating a thrilling and enjoyable game.

Since leaving the Royal Navy in 2010, Carl has immersed himself in many areas of the wargaming hobby including writing historical fiction, podcasting, and running a YouTube Channel.  A painter and gamer, Carl brings his experience of serving in the Territorial Army to write this set of modern platoon level rules for war gaming.  

Gods Eye Games has jumped at the chance to work with Carl.  We will be bringing the game to you later this year and it will be available in the UK, Europe, The United States, and the rest of the world through http://www.godseyegames.com webstore and our distribution partners in the UK and elsewhere.

The initial release of Contact Front will include all the core rules to play and feature a selection of combatants from the period following the events of September 11, 2001 including coalition forces of the UK, the United States, and Taliban forces of Afghanistan   In a series of future releases Carl will be revisiting Afghanistan in depth, expanding into the conflict in Iraq, and other Middle East conflicts such as the Syrian Civil war.  Future releases will include new combatants, expanded force lists and coalition allies, along with scenario and theatre specific missions.

The first supplement, planned for 2020, will be focused on Special Operations.  In this supplement you might find yourself conducting combat operations in the caves of Afghanistan, running counter terrorism operations on the home front, protecting the high seas from piracy, or operating deep into enemy territory whilst coordinating local allies.

Contact Front will offer you a new take on modern warfare exploring the most current conflicts along with all the challenges of achieving victory in the asymmetric environments of our contemporary conflicts.

Stay tuned to our news feed here at Gods Eye Games or follow along with us on Facebook for all the latest developments regarding bringing Contact Front to you in print and digital formats.

If you want to get engaged with fellow enthusiasts and the game designer himself, Carl, head over to The Official Contact Front Wargames Rules Group.  See what’s going on with the game development, what fans are doing with miniatures and terrain, and participate in the discussion about all things Contact Front.

Gods Eye Games off to Tournament

Greetings fellow Dominus.  Today we bring to you some bonus content.  A look back behind the scenes at Joe and Scott preparing for the launch of our business and website.  As we described in our first Casualty Report we felt it was important to create some high quality imagery for our endeavor.  To that effect we decided we would do a photo shoot with Joe’s new arena.  There was a lot of going back and forth to put this together but we are pleased with the initial results.

Here is a full video review done by Joe.  It is live at The Acceptable Casualties YouTube channel.  It contains information about how it was modeled and painted along with a piece by piece look at its components.   The 3D design was provided in consideration by Lovecraft Design & Manufacture, because Joe wanted it no matter what, and because it is awesome!

You’ll note the arena features prominently on our website so we wanted to give credit where it is due.  It’s a fantastic piece of terrain.  If you have one, we are sure your gladiators will fight more glorious battles when playing Sons of Mars.  Its a quality terrain piece we got to have fun goofing around with.

Where's Spartacus?

The launch of the company and the roll out of the website occupied most of our time last year, but you’ll be happy to know that we have nearly completed the next project.  Steel and Steed, a knights at tournament ruleset. As we enter into Summer 2019 Joe has already completed the rules and the book will be off to the printer imminently. 

Though our love of all things Rome remains we will be changing the website up a bit to reflect not only the spectacle of the arena but the pageantry of the tournament.  You’ve probably seen pictures of some of the miniatures Scott has been painting that will be featured in Steel & Steed over on our Facebook page.

We hope you will enjoy the forthcoming book and the increased production value we tried to achieve.

Gods Eye Games Launches

Welcome to Gods Eye Games!  Gods Eye Games LLC is the creation of Sons of Mars author, Joe Veltre and miniatures enthusiast, Scott Holmes.  During the summer of 2018 Joe and Scott worked out a deal to incorporate Gods Eye Games and acquire Sons of Mars and the YouTube hobby channel The Acceptable Casualties.  Today we publicly launch our new game publishing venture with the deployment of our dedicated website.  https://godseyegames.com/

We’ve spent that last few months building a business infrastructure that we hope with hard work, good luck, and our customers support will bring you many new games in the future months and years.

The successful release of Sons of Mars with the help our outstanding partner NorthStar Military Figures made it clear to us that we had a game that was interesting to miniatures enthusiasts and wargamers.  We knew we had the entrepreneurial spirit and enough creative outpouring to build a business around it.  To that effect, we decided to found a business entity that operated from our home state here in Colorado, USA.

The aim of this business is to expand the first creation, Sons of Mars, through direct sales, marketing, ongoing support, and new content creation.  Central to the business formation is also the creation of new and different games.  We are going to places near and far from the arenas of Rome.

To that effect we present the Gods Eye Games website.  A web portal where you can get everything you need for Sons of Mars and our future games.  You will find a full functioning eCommerce store where you can purchase print and digital versions of Sons of Mars.  You will also find all the Free Content that goes with Sons of Mars along with an integrated news feed, our Casualty Report,  where you will be able to see all the things we are working on as we grow our business in the years to come.

The months long process of setting up this business included all the legal and administrative tasks such as partnership agreements, corporate filings, banking, and website creation.  It also included lots of discussion on the things we thought we could bring to the market that would add enjoyment and value to our customers and a business plan to execute.  We also created a logo that we hope is evocative of the games we want to create.

During our planning the thing that immediately rose to the top was direct sales.  To that effect we present our online store for customers in the United States.  We have a number of retail partners in the United States that you can buy our game from, but we thought moving forward we needed the ability to sell direct.  You’ll find our games here in the United States at Brigade Games, On Military Matters, and Badger Games, but in the future you’ll find about them here first!  NorthStar Military Figures will continue to be our worldwide distributor and retail partner.  We hope to bring direct sales support to the western hemisphere in the coming months starting with our wargaming family in Canada.  For those who like to keep their collections of digital titles together you will still find Sons of Mars at the WarGameVault, but you can now also find them here on our site.

Please buy our games from your favorite retailer, but know buying direct here allows us to invest all the revenue back into our fledgling endeavor.  We plan to bring you great things in the future!

To create the site we knew we had to increase the quality and quantity of our imagery so we endeavored to add some figures and terrain to enhance the visual experience of our creations.  You can look forward to the level of quality you find here in future productions.

It was also necessary, if we were to start selling direct, that we needed to gather inventory to fulfill orders.  Our partner in Nottingham UK swiftly helped us with that.

You may be wondering what will happen to The Acceptable Casualties?  Fear not, it will continue to focus on battle reports and hobby news for multiple gaming systems as well as giving a behind the scenes look into the development of Steel & Steed (a knights at tournament ruleset) as well as other future titles by Gods Eye Games.  After all we are miniature wargamers like you, we plan to continue playing lots of games!  theacceptablecasualties.com will be shortly redirected to this site where resides all the same content.

You may be wondering about our business name, Gods Eye Games?  When we decided to become business partners we went through a collaborative creative process to come up with a name that would be familiar to things gamers identify with.  When playing games we often talk about the gods eye view we have, so it was apropos.  We thought it offered a lot in the way of imagery and branding that we could work with over the years.  It was also available as an entity for incorporation and on the world wide web, a feature that we felt was very important for our long term investment.

Looking forward we are very excited about what this partnership will bring to our gaming community.  We will continue to pursue our goal of creating unique and immersive rulesets that not only focus on combat, but storytelling and campaign play as well.  So head over to the main site, drop a book into your cart, plan your Ludus, and join us on the bloody sands.  Make sure to take advantage of the sale this week where you can get a discounted price on a digital edition or FREE SHIPPING (USA only) on a print edition.

Thank you for your business and taking the time to peruse the website.  The site has launched, the destination is set for distant locations, and there is no looking back.  Join us on our journey!

This infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows the Helix nebula, a cosmic starlet often photographed by amateur astronomers for its vivid colors and eerie resemblance to a giant eye. The nebula, located about 700 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius, belongs to a class of objects called planetary nebulae. Discovered in the 18th century, these cosmic butterflies were named for their resemblance to gas-giant planets. Planetary nebulae are actually the remains of stars that once looked a lot like our sun. When sun-like stars die, they puff out their outer gaseous layers. These layers are heated by the hot core of the dead star, called a white dwarf, and shine with infrared and visible-light colors. Our own sun will blossom into a planetary nebula when it dies in about five billion years. In Spitzer's infrared view of the Helix nebula, the eye looks more like that of a green monster's. Infrared light from the outer gaseous layers is represented in blues and greens. The white dwarf is visible as a tiny white dot in the center of the picture. The red color in the middle of the eye denotes the final layers of gas blown out when the star died. The brighter red circle in the very center is the glow of a dusty disk circling the white dwarf (the disk itself is too small to be resolved). This dust, discovered by Spitzer's infrared heat-seeking vision, was most likely kicked up by comets that survived the death of their star. Before the star died, its comets and possibly planets would have orbited the star in an orderly fashion. But when the star blew off its outer layers, the icy bodies and outer planets would have been tossed about and into each other, resulting in an ongoing cosmic dust storm. Any inner planets in the system would have burned up or been swallowed as their dying star expanded. The Helix nebula is one of only a few dead-star systems in which evidence for comet survivors has been found. This image is made up of data from Spi


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