Steel & Steed Released!

Lords and Ladies!  After a long journey we have finally reached the place of competition.  Let the Tournament begin!

You now have the chance to test your mettle, stare down your challengers, and ride to fame and fortune!


Gods Eye Games is happy to present our newest offering.  Written by our own Joe Veltre.  We bring you Steel & Steed.

Within this book you will find the rules to help you create a knightly tournament worthy of a noble such as yourself. It is here that you will be given the tools to create one day competitions, large events testing the skill and merit of the bravest of knights or even run an ongoing campaign that will allow you to grow your house and become the envy of all the kingdoms across the land.  Sharpen your blade and ready your steed, honor and glory are yours for the taking!

Months in the making, laboriously produced, and brought in from distant lands Steel & Steed is now officially available to purchase in our webstore and from our European partner.

Head over to the store page to find a print version, a digital PDF version, and a card deck accessory along with a bundle deal where you can pick them all up together.  The webstore is the only place you will currently find a digital download of our latest release.

This is an exciting moment for us at Gods Eye Games as this is the second title in our library of games we intend to bring to you in the months and years to come.  We are very pleased with the final product and when you look at it with Sons of Mars you’ll be sure to notice the additional efforts we put into this title.

In celebration of our launch we are offering everyone a chance to pick up both Steel & Steed and Sons of Mars on discount.  Purchase one book or bundle and receive $10 off a second book or bundle.  Its a great chance to pick up Sons of Mars along with Steel and Steed.  Use the coupon code JOUST at checkout.

Try not to be this guy.  Don’t delay, we are only going to run the sale for a limited time.

We are also opening up international shipping at this time.  So if you want to support us directly we are happy to ship worldwide. Not withstanding please go check out the fine selection of figures at Northstar that can be used to create your tournaments and campaigns.  Don’t hesitate to order from the good folks at Northstar their international shipping prices will be hard for us to beat.

It’s a jubilant time here thanks to our outstanding community of enthusiasts and fans.  If you like campaigns, events, and tournaments there is something for you in Steel & Steed or Sons of Mars.  We encourage you to join with our friends on our company Facebook page and the game pages linked there.  We are on a crusade to create wonderful games and we would love to have you with us.  Thank you for your support of our enterprise.

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