Gods Eye Games to publish Contact Front

Gods Eye Games is excited to announce that we are entering into a new genre of wargaming with an agreement to publish Contact Front, a modern warfare ruleset.

Contact Front, a creation from the mind of Carl Titterington, is a platoon level modern game which puts the player in the position of platoon commander. 

This tactical game allows players to set objectives that are related to the amount of support they have access to.  Once the game starts players will be challenged with striking a balance between completing objectives and getting your troops home safely.  The asymmetric nature of modern warfare requires that players consider victory in different terms than traditional contemporary World War conflicts.

Fancy something different, then there is always the role of commanding a force of insurgents. Outmanned and outgunned, players must use different and often unorthodox tactics to achieve victory when the terrain might be the only element in your favour.

A game designed to make players think about the tactical elements of modern warfare as well as the personal side of war, Contact Front offers players an enjoyable, narrative driven game!

The author of Contact Front, Carl Titterington, now joins our illustrious, Joe Veltre, in bringing new, interesting, and varying titles to our growing collection of games that strive to be detailed enough for enthusiasts, flexible for your needs, all the while creating a thrilling and enjoyable game.

Since leaving the Royal Navy in 2010, Carl has immersed himself in many areas of the wargaming hobby including writing historical fiction, podcasting, and running a YouTube Channel.  A painter and gamer, Carl brings his experience of serving in the Territorial Army to write this set of modern platoon level rules for war gaming.  

Gods Eye Games has jumped at the chance to work with Carl.  We will be bringing the game to you later this year and it will be available in the UK, Europe, The United States, and the rest of the world through http://www.godseyegames.com webstore and our distribution partners in the UK and elsewhere.

The initial release of Contact Front will include all the core rules to play and feature a selection of combatants from the period following the events of September 11, 2001 including coalition forces of the UK, the United States, and Taliban forces of Afghanistan   In a series of future releases Carl will be revisiting Afghanistan in depth, expanding into the conflict in Iraq, and other Middle East conflicts such as the Syrian Civil war.  Future releases will include new combatants, expanded force lists and coalition allies, along with scenario and theatre specific missions.

The first supplement, planned for 2020, will be focused on Special Operations.  In this supplement you might find yourself conducting combat operations in the caves of Afghanistan, running counter terrorism operations on the home front, protecting the high seas from piracy, or operating deep into enemy territory whilst coordinating local allies.

Contact Front will offer you a new take on modern warfare exploring the most current conflicts along with all the challenges of achieving victory in the asymmetric environments of our contemporary conflicts.

Stay tuned to our news feed here at Gods Eye Games or follow along with us on Facebook for all the latest developments regarding bringing Contact Front to you in print and digital formats.

If you want to get engaged with fellow enthusiasts and the game designer himself, Carl, head over to The Official Contact Front Wargames Rules Group.  See what’s going on with the game development, what fans are doing with miniatures and terrain, and participate in the discussion about all things Contact Front.

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