Gods Eye Games off to Tournament

Greetings fellow Dominus.  Today we bring to you some bonus content.  A look back behind the scenes at Joe and Scott preparing for the launch of our business and website.  As we described in our first Casualty Report we felt it was important to create some high quality imagery for our endeavor.  To that effect we decided we would do a photo shoot with Joe’s new arena.  There was a lot of going back and forth to put this together but we are pleased with the initial results.

Here is a full video review done by Joe.  It is live at The Acceptable Casualties YouTube channel.  It contains information about how it was modeled and painted along with a piece by piece look at its components.   The 3D design was provided in consideration by Lovecraft Design & Manufacture, because Joe wanted it no matter what, and because it is awesome!

You’ll note the arena features prominently on our website so we wanted to give credit where it is due.  It’s a fantastic piece of terrain.  If you have one, we are sure your gladiators will fight more glorious battles when playing Sons of Mars.  Its a quality terrain piece we got to have fun goofing around with.

Where's Spartacus?

The launch of the company and the roll out of the website occupied most of our time last year, but you’ll be happy to know that we have nearly completed the next project.  Steel and Steed, a knights at tournament ruleset. As we enter into Summer 2019 Joe has already completed the rules and the book will be off to the printer imminently. 

Though our love of all things Rome remains we will be changing the website up a bit to reflect not only the spectacle of the arena but the pageantry of the tournament.  You’ve probably seen pictures of some of the miniatures Scott has been painting that will be featured in Steel & Steed over on our Facebook page.

We hope you will enjoy the forthcoming book and the increased production value we tried to achieve.

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