Steel & Steed Preview

As we get closer to the release date for Steel & Steed we felt it was a good time to give all of you a little peak at what’s inside the book as well as what supporting items will be coming out with it alongside its release.

What’s in the Book?
When I wrote Steel & Steed the main focus was to try and give players enough content and flexibility so they could create a medieval campaign setting for knights at tournament that was of their liking. Listed below are some of the things you will find in the book that will allow you to build your own campaigns and tournaments to fit your needs as a player.

– Rules for tournaments
– Wargaming rules for Jousting, Archery, Melee and Mounted Combat.
– Options to create your own Knight and apply specific skills and equipment to give each player their own unique feel.
– 4 different breeds of horses to choose from as well as 12 skills that they can be trained in.
– Over 60 Unique Skills and Abilities.
– Over 30 Weapons with different strategic choices for melee, jousting and archery.
– A fully fleshed out campaign system for building and growing your Knightly House.
– 30 custom built NPC Knights that can be used in campaign play or quick play games.
– Rules for honor duels, courting fair maidens, gaining titles, ransoms and much more…

Supporting Steel & Steed at Release
The day Steel & Steed releases players will have access to free downloadable tools and content as well as the option to buy our PDF card decks. There will be a free PDF that contains a QRS, knight profile sheet, house management sheet, and a tournament rules pack for those of you who want to play at your gaming clubs. We will also have a our “Essentials” card deck for purchase. In this deck you will find cards for all of the abilities and weapons that are in the book.

As we get closer to our release date keep an eye out for more information about Steel & Steed. We plan on doing a more detailed video preview of the book as well as some other content on playing the game and creating the tiltyard. Until then, keep your blades sharp my Lords and Ladies!

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