A Gunslinger’s Paradise Digital Edition (French Translation)


FRENCH DIGITAL EDITION! You will receive a link to download a PDF version of A Gunslinger’s Paradise.  You will be prompted to create an account.

This is the French translation of A Gunslinger’s Paradise courtesy of Mr. Seb Jacquet 

“A Gunslinger’s Paradise” is a tabletop wargame that gives players a plethora of options and mechanics to help them recreate their favorite cinematic or historical gun fights, last stands, bank heists and more.

The game was designed with the intent to give its players maximum customization with list building and equipment so they would be able to bring their favorite characters of the wild west to life and have them perform in the game as they did on the big screen or in a history book.

Here are just a few of the things you will find on the 164 full color pages of “A Gunslinger’s Paradise”:

– 10 Faction Lists with unique special rules and character classes

– 28 Customized Scenarios that have been tailored to fit with the faction you are playing as

– 50+ Weapons and pieces of Equipment

– 60+ Character Skills and Abilities

– 25+ Weapon Abilities

– 15 Pages of Campaign Rules and Content.

… and a whole lot more!

Let “A Gunslinger’s Paradise” be your guide through the untamed lands of the wild west.  We know a city slicker like yourself isn’t going to get very far without it!